The Nursing Home Alternative

Find assisted living services for your loved one who does not require nursing home services, but need supervision that would include taking medication and providing daily care.

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Alzheimer's / DEMENTIA

We are dedicated to serving those who are facing challenges, but do not require skilled care from a nursing home. We provide care to people who may have special needs including: Alzheimer's or other memory loss; care needs including, bathing, dressing, eating, medical monitoring, medication administration, grooming, and exercising; Strokes / CVAs; Parkinson's; Huntington's Chorea; ALS; Hospice patients; cardiovascular or heart monitoring. We do not accept residents with IVs, feeding tubes, or brittle diabetics.

It is heartbreaking to watch loved ones coping with dementia and Alzheimer's. However, when you come to our facility, you'll know your loved one is in good hands. Let us take care of your family member when you can't.

Find quality care and supervision for your loved one at our locally-owned facility, established in 1995. Ensure your loved one's safety with our experienced staff.